The International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation
The International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation


20th International Conference

August 17-20, 2021
Stockholm, Sweden
Organizers: Bert Koletzko & Magnus Domellöf
Proceedings: None

19th International Conference

October 6-11, 2018
Kanagawa, Japan
Organizers: Sharon Donovan & Katsumi Mizuno
Proceedings: Breastfeeding Medicine  2018; 13(7): A1-A68.

18th International Conference

March 3-7, 2016
Stellenbosch, South Africa
Organizers: Lars Bode; Evette van Niekerk; & Lisanne du Plessis Proceedings: Breastfeeding Medicine  2016; 11(2): A3-A79.

17th International Conference

October 23-27, 2014 Kiawah Island, South Carolina
Organizers: Rafael Perez-Escamilla & Carol Wagner
Proceedings: Journal of Human Lactation 2015; 31(3):530-551

16th International Conference

September 27-October 1, 2012
Trieste, Italy
Organizers: Paula Meier; Riccardo Davanzo; Peter Hartmann; Shelley McGuire; Mark McGuire; & Theresa Ochoa
Proceedings: Breastfeeding Medicine  2012; 7(6): 556-577.

15th International Conference

October 8-12, 2010
Lima, Peru
Organizers: Rafael Perez-Escamilla; Mary Penny; Theresa Ochoa; & Rossina Pareja
Proceedings: Journal of Human Lactation 2010; 26(4):419-445

14th International Conference

January 31 – February 5, 2008
Perth, Australia
Organizers: Ardythe Morrow; Peter Hartmann; Mark Cregan; & Donna Geddes
Proceedings: None

13th International Conference

September 22-26, 2006
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
Organizers: Olle Hernell; Bo Lönnerdal; Stephanie Atkinson; Debbie O’Connor; Daniel Sellen; & Ruth Lawrence
Proceedings: Journal of Human Lactation 2007; 23(1): 72-109

12th International Conference

September 10-14, 2004
Queens College, UK
Organizers: Gail Goldberg; Andrew Prentice; Ann Prentice; Suzanne Filteau; & Kirsten Simondon
Proceedings: Breast-feeding: Early Influences on Later Health. Goldberg GR, Prentice A, Prentice A, Filteua S, Simondon K (eds). Adv Exp Med and Biol 2009; vol 639, 428 pages

11th International Conference

October 4-8, 2002
Mexico City, Mexico
Organizers: Larry Pickering; Ardythe Morrow; Richard Schanler; & Guillermo Ruiz-Palacios
Proceedings: Protecting Infants Through Human Milk. Advancing the Evidence.  PickeringL, Morrow A, Schanler R,  Ruiz-Palacios G (eds). Adv Exp Med and Biol 2004; vol 554, 525 pages

10th International Conference

September 15-19, 2000
Tucson, Arizona
Organizers: Margarett Davis; Charles Isaacs; Lars Hanson; & Anne Wright
Proceedings: Intergrating Polpuation Outcomes, Biological Mechanisms and Research Methods in the Study of Human Milk and Lactation.  Davis MK, Hanson LA, Isaacs CE, Wright AL (eds). Adv Exp Med and Biol 2002; vol 503, 338 pages

9th International Conference

October 2-6, 1999
Irsee, Germany 
Organizers: Berthold Koletzko; Olle Hernell; & Kim Michaelsen
Proceedings: Short and Long Term Effects of Breastfeedng on Child Health. Koletzko B, Michaelsen KF, Hernell O. Adv Exp Med and Biol 2000; vol 478, 447 pages

8th International Conference

October 25-29, 1997
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Organizer: David Newburg
Proceedings: Bioactive Components of Human Milk. Newburg DS (ed). Adv Exp Med and Biol 2001; vol 501, 592 pages

7th International Conference

July 24-26, 1995
Tlaxcala, Mexico
Organizers: Cutberto Garza; Kathy Rasmussen; & Sal Villapando
Proceedings: None

6th International Conference

August 9-12, 1992
Stockholm, Sweden & Helsinki, Finland
Organizers: Leif Hambraeus L; Bo Lönnerdal
Janet King; & Lindsey Allen
Proceedings: Nutrient Regulation During Pregnancy, Lactation, and Infant Growth.  Allen L, King J, Lönnerdal B (eds) Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol. 352, 294 pages.

5th International Conference

November 11-15, 1990
Asilomar, California
Organizers: Mary Frances Picciano & Bo Lönnerdal
Proceedings: Mechanisms Regulating Lactation and Infant Nutrient Utilization. Picciano MF, Lonnerdal B (eds). Wiley-Liss, Inc., New York, NY 1992, 461 pages

4th International Conference

November 1988
San Jose, Costa Rica 
Organizers: Stephanie Atkinson; Lars A Hanson; & Ranjit K Chandra
Proceedings: Breastfeeding, Nutrition, Infection and Infant Growth in Developed and Emerging Countries. Atkinson SA, Hanson LA, Chandra RK (eds). Arts Biomedical Publishers and Diestributors, St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada 1990, 577 pages

3rd International Conference

September 10-14, 1986
Konstanz, Germany
Organizers: Armond Goldman; Stephanie Atkinson; & Lars Hanson
Proceedings: Human Lactation 3: The Effects of Human Milk on the Recipient Infant. Goldman AS, Atkinson SA, Hanson LA (eds). Plenum Press, NY, 1987, 400 pages

2nd International Conference

January 15-19, 1986
Oaxaca, Mexico
Organizers: Margit Hamosh & Armond Goldman
Proceedings: Human Lactation 2: Maternal and Environmental Factors. Hamosh M, Goldman AS (eds). Plenum Press, NY, 1986, 657 pages

1st International Conference

August 22-26, 1984
Winter Park, Colorado
Organizers: Robert Jensen & Peggy Neville
Proceedings: Human Lactation: Milk Components and Methodologies. Jensen RG, Neville MC (eds). Plenum Press, NY, 1985, 307 pages

NIH-Convened Workshop

Belmont, Maryland