The International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation
The International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation

21st Biennial Conference | 2022, Panama



October 24-28, 2020


It is our immense pleasure to invite you to join the 21st. conference of the International Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation! After an extended period during which a small virus forced us to meet online only, we are extremely excited to come together again at a physical meeting to share and discuss the latest research findings in this rapidly moving field of multidisciplinary science.  However, we will also capitalize on the learnings during the last couple of years and offer state of the art hybrid access for those who prefer to join the meeting and discussions from home.

The research conference will include interactive workshops on hot topics on the field, invited presentations by outstanding speakers presenting the latest research relating to human milk and lactation, plenty of abstract and poster presentations, and lots of space to meet, network and discuss. Special sessions will be devoted to trainees and new investigators. The conference will provide perfect opportunities to meet and link with colleagues actively working in this exciting research area from all over the world.


Accepted abstracts will be published on our website.

August 18th 1AM EST (7AM CEST)
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Hans van Goudoever, Head of Pediatrics VUmc and Emma Children’s Hospital AMC
Presentation Title: COVID and human milk immunity
Short Abstract Presenters:
  1. Emily Nagel. Human milk glucose, insulin, and leptin are prospectively associated with cessation of exclusive breastfeeding.
  2. Brett Vahkal. Proteome in human milk: Term-dependent changes in exosome composition and modulation of inflammatory markers in vitro.
  3. Grace Elbert. Expression of inflammation associated genes in the mammary gland of lactating women with elevated plasma triglycerides.
  4. Ping Dong. Protective effects of human milk-derived exosomes on intestinal stem cells damaged by oxidative stress.
August 19th 10AM EST (4PM CEST)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Christopher Stewart, Newcastle University Academic Career Track Fellow, Newcastle University
Presentation Title: Human milk and infant microbiome

Short Abstract Presenters:
  1. Jayne Martin Carli. Single cell RNA sequencing of human milk derived cells illuminates differentiation trajectory among mammary epithelial cells.
  2. Alecia-Jane Twigger. Understanding the development of the human lactating breast at a single cell level.
  3. Sarah Reyes. Effects of Collection and Freezing Methods on the Human Milk Microbiota: An In-Home Randomized Crossover Trial.
  4. Sharon Donovan. Dietary Sialyllactose Influences Gene Expression in Piglet Ileum and Colon.
August 20th 10AM EST (4PM CEST)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Larry Grummer-Strawn, Technical Officer, World Health Organization
Presentation Title: Global infant feeding policy recommendations: what’s new and what’s coming up

Short Abstract Presenters:
  1. Zoya Gridneva. Maternal characteristics related to milk production in mothers of term infants.
  2. Julie A Patterson. Distribution of Baby-friendly hospital’s in the U.S. and their impact on exclusive breastfeeding according to the Area Deprivation Index.
  3. Lisa Marie Piwoszkin. Hand Expression Simulation: A Staff Education Intervention to Improve the Provision of Maternal Breast Milk for Infants Admitted to the NICU.
  4. Natalie Scime. Association of prenatal medical risk with breastfeeding duration in a community-based birth cohort.